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For OnLine Systems it's been a full throttle quarter with the development of our new web portal and email interfaces – keenly welcomed by visitors at the Far North Queensland Roadshow and the recent Backpacker Expo. Please browse our Australian Summer issue of the hospitality newsletter, OnLine Pulse. Find out about these compelling developments in hospitality software.

Impress with portal and email interfaces

How can the internet be used to maximise your hospitality returns and staff efficiency? We're sure you're keen to find out!

Manage your web portal allocations with ease

How much time do you spend each day updating your portal allocations at Wotif, HostelWorld, QuickBeds, etc? Does the complexity of selling down to the last room result in overbooking or missed opportunities? How difficult is it keeping track of all those portal passwords, and having a trained staff member keep each portal up-to-date? In short, you can't live with portals, and you can't live without them! Well all that has changed with Charts new Portal Interface.

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Professional email confirmation of reservations

Imagine if a customised, professional confirmation email was automatically sent out each night to all customers who've made reservations that day. The email could contain anything – details of the reservation, or directions and a map to your property. Or imagine if every night during night audit, all the day's financials were automatically emailed to your head office. Think about the productivity gain, and the professionalism you would radiate. Introducing the latest arrow in the Charts quiver – Charts Email.

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The Kirketon Hotel gains from the internet

David Hamblin at The Kirketon Hotel has harnessed the internet to maximise gains. When customers book rooms on The Kirketon website, room availability is immediately updated, and email booking confirmations auto-generated. And if customers book rooms on last minute web portals like and there’s no need to manually update room availability, or to manually place the bookings in their Charts PMS.

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Kim Millington helps you increase yields

Our new recruit, Kim Millington, with 19 years hospitality experience, most recently as General Manager at The Henry Jones Art Hotel, can help you increase yields, reduce costs, use Charts efficiently, and provide short term management.

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Tips and tricks

Charts Hot Keys

With Charts it's easy for you to set up keyboard 'hot keys' to perform many keystrokes, print a group of reports or post a specific charge.

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New report templates make an impression

Did you know that all the reports and forms in Charts are fully customisable? We support any logos, colours, fonts, pre-printed stationery and windowed envelopes. One of the lasting impressions your guest takes away is the guest account / tax invoice, so why not make it reflect the visual aesthetic of your property?

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Support issues

Your Charts calendar and you

Calendar management is a common support question. Typically the problems occur when, for one reason or another, a property's calendars do not roll over on the expected date. This article introduces you to calendars in Charts, then takes you through three simple steps to ensure that your calendars always run smoothly.

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We're listening

Thankyou to all those who've been talking to us about their software needs. It's been a great impetus to customer focussed product development! And if you have any suggestions or interesting experiences you would like to share, please send them to, or phone us on (02) 9906 3900.