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As well as our tips and news, OnLine Pulse has a focus this time on the internet, and how you can make it work for you. Whether it’s about using those travel websites to your advantage, or using your own website to your advantage, you’ll want to know how to do it easily – convinced as you now must be that online booking is very popular, and there’s no turning back!

Recent News

WYSTC and Backpacker Conferences

OnLine has recently participated in two conferences – the 'World Youth and Student Travel Conference' (WYSTC), and the 'Adventure Travel and Backpacker Conference'. They were great opportunities to meet new and old friends, and to keep our finger on the pulse of industry needs.

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Demystifying hospitality websites

Close to one third of travellers intend to purchase their next travel related service over the internet, making the internet the most popular booking channel. Aware of this, many successful properties subscribe to 20 online travel portals to maximise internet exposure. How can channel management software ease the way with online travel portals? How do you maximise the impact of your website for increasing sales? And of which web concepts do you need to be aware?

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Charts Portal update

The number of Charts Portal interfaces increases apace, with several more due in the coming months. We’re sure you’ll want to know the latest listings. And you might like to read about Hostelworld, for example, which has been a fantastic revenue generator for budget and backpacker providers, and can have its availability, rates and bookings easily managed via Charts Portal.

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Tips and Tricks

We know you'll lap up this edition's tips! We have a keyboard shortcut to save even more time; a 'what-to-do' when your network goes down; a tip for those who've set up a compulsory email field; and a prompt on how to search using a guest's first name.

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Support issues

System balancing problem? ‘Grrr!’ we hear you say. You’ll like the new facility on the Charge Code Report that highlights the status of daily balancing. And if you’re trying to work out the cause, you might want to be reminded of the usual suspects, and where to look for them.

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Best wishes for 2007!

If you're after further advice on our products and services, please contact Richard Parris on Ph: (61) 2 9906 3900 or From all of us here at OnLine Systems, may 2007 be good to you. We'll continue to ease and automate the daily challenges of running a hospitality establishment, and look forward to talking with you again in the new year!