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More Charts Portal interfaces have launched – so your revenues can rocket higher too!,,,, and are just some of the latest! More portals, more from our clients and more tips in this, our latest newsletter.

Recent News

Golden Backpack Awards 2008

A number of our high achieving OnLine Systems clients have won plaudits at the recent Golden Backpack Awards, run by TNT Magazine for Australian and New Zealand businesses in the independent travel sector.

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Earlier this year OnLine Systems attended the absorbing Gomio conference, held this year in Barcelona. Gomio, or European Hostel Cooperation GmbH, which started as a cooperative booking system for Europe only, has now extended its coverage world-wide – congratulations!! For our hostel clients, we shall shortly build a real time interface for

L-R: At Gomio, Andrew Guzowski (OnLine Systems) being convinced by Alex Azzi to build the Hostelsclub interface. It worked!

Andrew Guzowski and Alex Azzi at Gomio

WYSTC – World Youth and Student Travel Conference

OnLine Systems once again took part in WYSTC ( World Youth and Student Travel Conference), held in New York in September. It was a great catch up with friends around the world including UK, Spain, Italy, US, Mexico and South America. In meetings and social events, our Charts Portal created much interest. Many said that Charts is the only system in the world capable of managing so many booking engines automatically in real time. Full 2 way interfaces, fully integrated into a PMS are unique!

The keynote speaker Rohit Talwar, a well know futurist, gave a very interesting insight into the industry’s future in the next 10 years. Click the link for a well worth watching video.

ITB Berlin travel expo reveals leaders in real time portal connectivity

The ITB Berlin travel expo was again well attended this year and OnLine Systems was there. It was a great opportunity to meet up with some of our international partners, like Daphix from Berlin, who service some of OnLine’s European clients. Very interesting too to look at many competing PMS products and see that OnLine Systems is still leading the world in real time Portal connectivity. We were not able to find any systems which could connect directly with Portals in real time to update availability and retrieve bookings. Those of you using the Charts Portal interface can feel very proud of being ‘leaders’ in the world!

Charts rollout in six Jazz Hostels

In May this year, Andrew and Tom spent 3 weeks rolling out Charts in the six Jazz Hostels in New York and Miami. It was quite an eye opener to all as to what can be achieved in extremely busy situations. Our vote of thanks goes out to Shirley and Liz who worked well beyond their call of duty to make sure the rollout was a success.

Welcome to new OnLine Systems team members

A warm welcome to new OnLine Systems team members: Matthew Ho, Senior Systems Engineer, and Gaurab Amatya, Systems Consultant. Both are now fully immersed in the Charts PMS product.

Products and Features

Powerful new portal interfaces

The latest Charts Portal interfaces will surely put new gas in the booking cylinders –,, and Don’t forget – these interfaces mean your guests can book all available rooms, and your Charts PMS and all other portals are instantaneously updated with the current availability. And with the portal interfaces working alongside Charts Yield Management, to swiftly adjust rates according to demand across all portals, the hotel engine zooms into top gear!

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Country Club Hotels & Resorts – interface with GDS

Travel agents around the world use the Global Distribution System (GDS) to book flights, car rental and accommodation. Andrew Bullock, Chief Executive Officer of Country Club Hotels & Resorts explains how the new Charts interface to the GDS has worked for them.

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Possibilities with Charts Email interface

This is a reminder to those without the Charts Email interface, to consider having it installed! To spark your inspiration, check out the booking confirmation emails created with some of our Charts users. Note too, that once the Charts Email interface has been set up, you can have Charts reports automatically emailed to financial managers and the like, and copied to others.

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Tips and Tricks

Charts ‘Clear Protections’ utility

It’s handy to know – when you have an inaccessible Charts file due to a computer ‘crash,’ there’s a simple solution sitting on your desktop. It’s the ‘Clear Protections’ utility.

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Support Issues

Database access errors

Database access error messages in Charts provide key clues as to how a particular problem can be fixed. Please send them to us by first copying them, or capturing a screenshot.

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Reservations in waitlist

Properties using Charts Portal should take note that reservations may go to waitlist if the interface is unable to match the reservation in the portal with the information in Charts, usually because of a room type mismatch. So reservations in waitlist should be confirmed as soon as possible to avoid overbooking or problems running the night audit.

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We’ll keep you ahead in 2009!

We hope your year has been happy and successful, with occupancy rates high, and revenue maximised. With Charts leading edge technology the challenge is infinitely smaller. We look forward to helping you launch a soaring 2009!

If you're after further advice on our products and services, please contact Andrew Guzowski on Ph: (+61) 2 9906 3900 or