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Welcome to all .. this newsletter highlights ways of managing cash flow, and again, our red-hot topic of web portal bookings – how Eight Hotels Australia has put portal automation into practice, and an update on the latest Charts portal interfaces available. Among other things, we've included a reminder checklist for backup procedures, to ensure you have a good chance of sleeping easily at night!

Recent News

News Flash – Hostels on Facebook!

On Sunday morning, 24 June, an exciting new hostel application went live on Facebook. Hostels on Facebook is a revolutionary application which combines the power of a social networking site with the ability to plan a holiday, exchange valuable information about hostels and actually place a booking. Hostels will be able to post their event photographs, special functions and other items of interest to attract guests to their property. We thoroughly recommend Hostels on Facebook to our Hostel clients and friends.

Log onto facebook and sign up for the application called Hostels – you'll love it!

New clients across the globe

A big welcome to our new Charts clients around the world – Canadiana Hostel, in Toronto, Canada, Nomads Moorings in Port Vila, Vanuatu, and Okidoki Hostel in Warsaw, Poland. And we send hearty congratulations to Okidoki Hostel, who won a 2006 award for one of the Ten Best Hostels world wide, as recommended by guests using the Hostelworld portal!

Okidoki team

Option for credit card surcharge

OnLine Systems has just released the option of an automatic surcharge on credit card transactions – which many of our clients have wanted. If you would like to upgrade your systam to take advantage of this feature please send an email to:

New finance options for Charts

If you'd like ideas on financing your software or hardware in a way that suits your cashflow, OnLine Systems can help. You might like to use the services of CSS Computer Finance Australia, or pay OnLine Systems by monthly subscription.

Read on to learn more.

Eight Hotels Australia – Web booking decider

How did the Charts web and portal booking systems, as well as the yield management tool, take hold of Eight Hotels Australia Chief Operating Officer, Rodney Taylor, while liberating his staff?

Read on to learn more.

Business Optimiser

Burning too much cash?

To be short of cash at times is common for businesses. Jerry Bour from ProActive Business Support reminds us that creating a monthly cash flow forecast is the place to start. And once the forecast reveals upcoming problems, you must take action – for the short and long term.

Read on to learn more.

Products and features

Charts Portal update and tips

Those of you using, or considering using, the Charts Portal interface* will want to know the latest booking portals to which Charts Portal interfaces. And we have some Charts Portal tips from the support desk – on the care required when changing room types on a portal, and advice on distressed versus wholesale booking channels.

*Real-time interface that auto-updates availability on all portals, and pulls reservations straight into the Charts Property Management System.

Read on to learn more.

Support issues

Charts backup – is it safely in place?

Are you quietly confident that you can cope with a computer crash at your property? Or does the thought of it send shivers down your spine? No doubt a time will come when you'll need to call on your backup. Are you ready?

Read on to learn more.

Relaxing rewards

Of course we'd love you to contact us if you want more information on any of our products. We know that the Charts Portal interface or the Ezyrates system will repay you with rewarding increases in portal bookings, and relaxing decreases in time spent. Please call Richard Parris on +(61) 2 9906 3900 or email to for more information on any of our products or services.