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HotelMeasure benchmarking system

  • has formal commitment from Best Western Australia for their members to actively use it
  • allows you to compare your key performance indicators with other properties in the scheme
  • is available on the internet
  • was developed in consultation with the Hotel Motel and Accommodation Association (HMAA) and other industry representatives to ensure it meets industry needs and standards

HotelMeasure to compare hotel motel KPIs – tell us more

  • lodge monthly data at any time; averaged results available instantly
  • nominal subscription fee
  • no charge trial period while you see the powerful capabilities firsthand
  • the internet and a sophisticated database structure allows for instant recalculation of all results using the data available in real time
  • sample size is always shown to you when viewing the reports
  • monthly data includes: average % occupancy, average room rate, and number of arrivals
  • HotelMeasure can provide extensive reports and charts for average room rate, % occupancy and RevPAR based on, for example, star rating, tourist region or number of rooms

Click the HotelMeasure demo link to see how it works!