Charts Portal interfaces with internet reservation systems

Some of the Charts Portal interfaces

You no doubt know that bookings on 'last minute' internet sites such as,,,,, and are hugely popular. Charts PMS interfaces to these, using our powerful Charts Portal technology. Our clients love the ease with which they can subscribe to a large number of portals without the struggle of maintaining them. And they love the increases in revenue that result! We're adding to the number of portal interfaces all the time. Just ask us!

Charts Portal interfaces with these portals

  • Currently we are interfacing in real time with,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, SynXis,,, and and the number is growing all the time.

How does Charts Portal work?

  • The portal interface works in a similar way to the current Charts Web interface.
  • It allows the hotel to nominate which portals it has subscribed to, and put in the user name and password for each portal.
  • Then an allotment can be set up for either each portal or for all portals combined, or you can simply (as with the Charts Web interface) publish all available rooms at predefined rates.
  • Charts Portal will automatically update all the portals with the hotel's availability and prices. Charts Portal will pull down any reservations which have been received and put them straight into Charts.

How will you benefit from Charts Portal?

  • time saved not having to update portal allocations
  • can apply yield optimised rates across all portals in a few short minutes
  • no need to have a trained staff member keeping each portal up-to-date
  • no need to keep track of every portal password
  • avoid over-booking or missed opportunities

How will my guests benefit?

  • the guest has more booking choices, since streamlining the portal process means you can subscribe to more portals
  • bookings come through swiftly and correctly
  • fewer data entry errors means fewer awkward moments at the front desk
  • Charts Portal manages your portal interactions – giving your staff more time to spend on your guests!