Charts software support

Support available 24/7

Training, support and communication are key elements when changing from a manual to a computerised system , or upgrading from one computerised system to another.

Our Charts training curriculum is based on user requirements, level of expertise of front office staff, and the Hotels’ own prerequisites. Once the system is live, we provide continual onsite training and support, ensuring that the Hotel is able to operate independently on conclusion of installation.

OnLine Systems offers 24 hour 7 days a week support to all their clientele. This support provides reassurance to staff that assistance is virtually only a phone call away. All OnLine staff have had extensive experience in Hotels, and are aware of the concerns that face front office staff on a day to day basis. This insight allows our staff to communicate on a level which is customer, not computer, focused.

With the increased use of broadband, support is made increasingly easy with the use of Voice Over IP technology and remote access. Tools like TeamViewer, PCAnywhere, MSN, Skype, are regularly used for both support and remote training.

Please use the download icons below if you wish to download the TeamViewer tool.

TeamViewer OnLine QuickSupport is a simple and small customer module which runs immediately without installation.

TeamViewer Host runs as a system service and is used for 24/7 access to remote computers.