Charts Interfaces

Charts does not use third party interfaces but has its own interfaces for various third party products. This ensures a greater reliability as we fully control the functionality of the product. If we don't have the interface we can build it!

The interfaces can be essentially categorised into the following groups:

Lock systems Competitor interface SMS Card systems PABX systems POS systems WWW systems
  • Lock systems – automatic key generation for lock systems – such as provided by VingCard
  • In-Room Safes – such as provided by Elsafe
  • VingCard Elsafe logo
  • Charts Competitor– Be alerted when your particular competitors' rates move so many percentage points from yours. This is very customisable.
  • Charts SMS– Send SMS messages to your guest's mobile phone. Guest replies ensure you never miss last minute cancellations
  • Credit, debit, loyalty card systems – such as that provided by 3C International
  • 3C International logo
  • PABX systems – call logging only - For call logging we cater for either meter pulses, or time and duration based on the prefix of the dialled number
  • PABX systems – full hotel system interface with such additional features as extension enable/disable, message light, room status update; for housekeeping, guest name display
  • In room internet service – such as provided by Ironstone Technology Pty Ltd
  • Ironstone Technology logo
  • POS systems – Point of Sale systems
  • Web systemsCharts Web – hotel website bookings entered directly into Charts
  • Web portal systemsCharts Portal – auto update of availability on all subscribed portals, and auto update into Charts of bookings made
  • Email systems – professional confirmation emails auto sent to customers making reservations, or daily financials auto emailed to head office after night audit
  • Accounting systems – Navision, MYOB, Quickbooks
  • Movielink service